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Gambrills Veterinary Center performs the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures that dramatically reduce traumatic blood loss, risks of infection, and after-surgery pain and discomfort to your pet. We are the only hospital in the area that provides laparoscopic spays that are 65% less painful.

Our animal surgical patients come from as far away as Annapolis and Glen Burnie.

Anesthesia equipment that would be suitable to treat human patients vastly reduces the risks of any surgery that we perform. Your pet's vital signs will be thoroughly monitored by advanced instruments to further minimize danger.


Technology sterilizes our surgical environment and eliminates pathogens on all equipment, bedding, and surgical gowns.

A fully equipped surgery and ICU

  • Laparascopic spays

  • Laparascopic gastropexy (prevents stomach bloat in large dogs)

  • Endoscopy of abdomen, bladder, joints, colon, ears, sinuses, and chest

We perform advanced procedures

Our ultrasonic dental scaler removes heavy tartar and plaque deposits with minimal discomfort to the animal. Problems affecting your pet's teeth, jaw, and mouth are detected by our dental X-ray. If a tooth requires an extraction, our high-speed equipment completes the job efficiently.

We are able to provide complete dental care for your pet

When your pet needs surgery, rely on us

Surgical Suite