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Pet Examination Room

From the first moment that your pet is examined by the doctor, we take care to minimize their discomfort. The examination tables in our 4 spacious treatment rooms mechanically raise and lower to eliminate the stress of lifting the animal. The quiet, odorless environment removes causes of anxiety.

Your pets in Crofton, Bowie, Ft. Meade, Odenton, and Millersville will receive the best veterinary medical care in our office.

Our high-frequency X-ray unit works quickly, resulting in useful radiographs even when the animal is jumpy. The computer software adjusts the picture depending on what kind of animal and what part of its body is being examined.

High-tech boosts our effectiveness

GVC uses a machine that counts your

pet's blood cells in circulation and we can

typically make a diagnosis based on that

data in an hour.


From just 2 drops of blood, another

device permits analysis of liver, thyroid, kidney, and immune function in just minutes.

State-of-the-art lab work, right here

Animals with highly contagious diseases such as the canine parvo-virus or upper respiratory conditions that infect cats receive treatment in our isolation ward. All the care of infected animals is restricted to that area so other patients aren't exposed to the contagion.

Strict precautions protect your pet from infectious diseases

We provide the medical care your pet deserves